’14 Catalyst Live Notes on Matt Chandler and Theology of Change Making


I am blogging from Atlanta, Georgia at the 2014 Catalyst Conference. I have the honor of joining the Catalyst Blogger Team and, I’m publishing live notes and key insights on the speaker sessions. Speaker lineups include, Andy Stanley, Tim Keller, Christine Caine, Matt Chandler, Charles Duhigg and many more. I hope these insights will empower you to rise to the top.

Revelation 7:9-10

No one can out-sin the cross of Christ. You have been called into the ministry of reconciliation. It is impossible for Him to fail. Change is going to occur.

You and I have been called to be a community of change makers. You and I will therefore will not fail because we are called. You and I have been wooed by the Father called in to the reconciliation that will not fail.

It is a calling that is difficult and is not without casualty.

It is a type of danger that we need to be aware but not to be afraid of. We are to look at the rates of burnouts and those who have stumbled and got out of the ministry.

Change occurs like it occurs in your children. You never see them grow right away. You get to see them grow when they break things higher. He’s going to change lives.

You are I are running a marathon while being stalked by our enemy and haunted by your flesh.

Look at the life of Timothy in in Ephesus. Ephesus can live a blameless life style but their love is gone.

2 Timothy 4:1-9 – Preach the Word. Preach the gospel in your life. Be about the Word. Everything else follows the text shows how to do it.

Be ready in season and out of season. What does it mean to be toiled by our flesh?


If we are to be change makers, by definition, reproving means we are going to change.

If you don’t have confidence in the Scripture, you will be not reprove and be a slave to what sounds right.


Entering the space and saying be careful. It doesn’t take too long to figure out whether they read the Bible or the Bible read them.


Encourage and speak life into the person.

Christ dying on the cross was progress. Regeneration of the souls is progress. Where there are accommodations is more accepted and more loved by culture.

Go to any large cities and you’ll find empty churches. Don’t try to make him cool. He doesn’t need you to make him cool. He needs you to be faithful.

The charge is preach the word. The climate is people don’t want to listen to sound message.

Be sober-minded – keep your head. Be watchful. Stay calm in Spirit. If we’re going to run this race with perseverance, we need to be serious be about rest. When I talk about rest, we’re not talking about vacation. In this marathon, it’s not just your physical body, it’s your soul. We need to find rest in the Lord – everything is about escapism. Resting means drawing into the union of Christ. We need to carefully guard and care for our hearts.

Pay attention to your thoughts. We must hold every thought captive. We must pay attention at what we’re thinking. Your thoughts are public to the only one who really matters. There are no secrets. We have this pet lion in our minds. We have pet lions who will not turn against us. We are not as godly as we think we are. We put lions to death, not leashes on them.

Watch your rhythms. In ministry, it’s never over. There’s always spiritual babies. That’s why it’s a marathon.

My worth is not found in doing. My worth is found in being.

Endure suffering

Therefore do not be ashamed

It is also expose how happy you are in God.

The work of an evangelist

On this marathon that is stopped.

He put you there. God wants you there. Praise God and love God. Seek to become the best leader you can. Seek to grow in every are you can. If your ministry is hard, that must mean that’s good for you.

About the Speaker: Matt Chandler serves as Lead Pastor of Teaching at The Village Church in the Dallas Forth Worth area. He has served in that role since December 2002 and describes his tenure at The Village as a re-planting effort where he was involved in changing the theological and philosophical culture of the congregation. Alongside his current role as lead pastor, Matt is involved in church planting efforts both locally and internationally through The Village and various strategic partnerships.