2014 Annual Report: A Few Lessons from Blogging


Would I have ever imagined that I would be still blogging 3 years ago? Highly unlikely.

What started as simply an medium for note taking has transformed into a platform for ministry, vehicle to express my brand, and ultimately a tool to glorify God.

So, here I am today. Only a few days away from saying adios to 2014.

I am excited to report that this was a banner year for my blog. My blog visitors increased over 300% from January to December. Blog readership averages over 1000 visitors per day. In particular, I was honored to be come in at #15 from World’s Top 50 Leadership Bloggers to Follow.

Earlier in July, thanks to my blog, I was featured as one of the Top 33 Under 33 Christian Millennials to Watch by Christianity Today.

It’s humbling to receive such accolades. I invest a lot of time crafting my blog posts. I have grappled with providing rich content that my readers would appreciate. Frankly speaking, it’s not always been easy. Writing quality, original and effective content is an arduous process. In the end, I was grateful that these recognition indicated that my effort was not in vain. I am continually inspired to push the envelope.

In reflection, I’d like to share a few lessons I’ve learned from blogging:

1. Blogging is an extension of your identity. Blogging isn’t your Second Life avatar. In other words, you’re not a different person online. The temptation to live a duplicitous life is real for many bloggers. It’s not easy to walk the talk. We are judged with greater strictness (James 3:1). I have realized that whatever I share on my blog I try to live it out wholeheartedly. Everything I do and everything I am ought to be rooted in my calling.

2. Blogging requires strategy, patience, and persistence. Blogging is both an art and science. It’s not easy to get your voice heard in this noisy word. I’m still learning how to further my reach. A lot of bloggers write without an audience. I have found brilliant blogs with impressive content yet no one reads them. I realized that blogging requires both the diligence and commitment of a writer and also the business savvy of a marketer. This is why I wrote “The Science of Blogging: How to Build a Tribe and Get Over 1000+ Visitors/ Day” and offered it as a free e-book here.

If you’ve enjoyed my blog posts in 2014, I’d love you to comment below and start a “real” conversation with you. My goal for the coming year is to refine my blog so you’ll find it a lot more relevant, powerful, and timely.

You can access my full version of my blog’s 2014 Annual Report here. Thank you again for supporting my blog. Please leave a comment on my blog and I’d love to follow up with you a thank-you card!

PS. Be on the lookout for an annual survey in the new year. This survey will help me to understand your needs so I can provide greater value based on your feedback.

Question: If you’re a reader of my blog, what makes you come back to my blog?