24 Charts of Leadership Styles Around the World

Growing up in three countries (South Korea, Canada and United States), I’m fascinated by how culture shapes different leadership styles. Richard D. Lewis charted 24 different leadership styles in his book “When Cultures Collide.” This is a ground-breaking book when it comes to finding clues to understanding of intercultural communication. The following leadership infographic is quite fascinating!


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leadership charts layout_02


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  • This is a great book for those who work cross culturally! Thanks for this excellent summary of leadership styles.

    • Absolutely Steve! A great resource, certainly. Thanks for stopping by!

  • You’re right, Paul. The infographic is fascinating. I wonder how closely these play out with actual people and positions as they carry out communications about a variety of topics. Even in the United States we have multiple philosophies, leadership styles, corporate cultures, models, methodologies, business structures and org charts (or absence of).

  • Laurent d’Havé

    Try to do Belgium just for laughs 🙂

  • Ben Brumfield

    My experience working in the media in Germany was more like the Norwegian model. But your model makes some sense, because workers were very outspoken and challenged authority a lot, and bosses made adjustments based on very direct feedback.

  • Carlos André

    I challenge you to do about Brazil. It’s impossible to understand, even to us, brazilians.


  • For Sure

    You might find this book more current with fewer examples – it includes a strategy to navigate the differences:

    Global Dexterity: How to Adapt Your Behavior Across Cultures without Losing Yourself in the Process


    – March 12, 2013

  • Shebatsirai Mabhoyi

    Why are you referring to South Africa as “black south africa” that’s racist and should not be accomodated in an educated opinion like this one…. #disappointed It is called the Republic of South Africa.

    • George Polly

      Simple – Black South Africans have a different culture to leadership in general than white South Africans. That’s why South Africa is called a multi-cultural country.

  • juggadore

    Is there a way you can let us enlarge the photo? Thanks.

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