4 Inspiring Life Lessons from Nick Vujicic

My first encounter with Nick Vujicic was through one of his sensational YouTube clips. The clip showcases some of Nick’s hobbies such as playing golf and soccer, sky diving, surfing. All these things you’d expect from an ‘able’ person was being performed by a ‘disable’ person – a young man with no arms and legs.

Nick Vujicic

This is a remarkable feat of itself, but what impressed me most was his compelling sense of joy and peace in his life. I kept questioning myself, “Where does his conviction and confidence come from?”

Recently, Nick Vujicic visited my home country South Korea. He appeared on a popular TV show called “Healing Camp” which was broadcasted nation-wide. As I watching the show, I had difficulty holding back my tears. I was blessed to see Nick planting the seeds of hope, love, and truth to many young Koreans who had no real purpose and meaning in life. Check out this short video where Nick shares his message of hope to the young Korean generation.


I couldn’t help but devour his books and get to learn about this story.

After the show, I couldn’t hide my ambivalent feelings. On one hand, I was inspired and motivated to live a life of love, hope, and truth. On the other hand, I felt embarrassed and sober-minded. I looked back in my life and asked myself if I had the courage and intentionality to live a life that honors God.

Here are four inspiring life lessons all of us can learn from Nick Vujicic’s life story.

1. Faith in action transforms your life.

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic says his parents are Serbian. He was born and raised in Australia and now lives in United States; but, he’s a citizen of Heaven. Nick said, “I’m not jealous of anyone having arms or legs because I’ve got something much more, which is faith in Jesus Christ … He will carry me when I cannot walk.” This sounds unfathomable for many of us, but Nick’s confidence comes from knowing his ‘why’ in life – rooted in his identity in Christ.

Everything he does is an outgrowth of his mission which is to be the best witness of God’s Love and Hope. His faith in action has been an imperishable fuel that ignited his new vocation as an ambassador of Christ.

How is your faith transforming your life? 

2. Don’t let circumstances prevent you from living intentionally.

Nick Vujicic

Too often we allow circumstances to define who we are. The life of Nick Vujicic calls us to steward our lives – that is, to live intentionally. Imagine the sheer harassment and torment he had to weather through living his life. Nick refused to let physical limitations hold him back. Nick says he has discovered the power to take control of his life. Today, he snorkels, golfs, surfs. He has traveled over 44 countries with his message of hope.

Theologian William Barclay said, “the greatest two days in anyone’s life [are] the day you were born and the day you knew why,” Many may feel the former has been a curse to Nick, but in fact, Nick has been transformed once he discovered his “why” in life. This revelation from God helped Nick live an intentional life, living every moment with kingdom impact, stewarding his gifts, talents, resources, and opportunities as a response to His calling in his life.

Are you allowing circumstances to prevent you from living intentionally?

3. Do not take things for granted.

Nick Vujicic

So many of us take things in our life for granted. The forgetfulness is real and insidious in which we easily lose our perspective of what is really important in our lives. Learning about Nick Vujicic has helped me better appreciate what I have instead of complaining about what I lack. This is such a common epidemic we see in our world; always comparing yourself with the better. Nick early on in his life achieved the seemingly impossible. He has learned to be independent and take care of all his personal needs. He can do everything from brushing his teeth, combing his hair, clothing, taking care of personal hygiene and even shaving. He moves around the house by jumping around and, outside the house, he has an electric wheelchair.

What are things you’ve been taking granted in life?

4. You cannot do it all alone.

Nick Vujicic

Despite Nick’s physical limitations and unfavorable circumstances, God has blessed him with enormous success and influence early on his life. Nick says that everything has been a grace and gift from God. Particularly, He has been a beneficiary of a supportive and encouraging network of family, friends, and mentors. His parents taught Nick to become independent. They showered him with God’s Scripture. They spoke affirming and encouraging words which became daily sustenance for Nick’s hurtful childhood.  Also, Nick has been influenced by Billy Graham who has been his “evangelistic role model.” Nick says, “Billy Graham helped me to make sure that my priorities are right..that faith and family come first.”


  • Wow, Nick has such an amazingly powerful testimony! Thanks for sharing this video, it makes me think about how much more grateful I should be for all that God has given me and to focus on that instead of the few negative things in my life.

    • Thanks Caleb. I’m so glad Nick paid a visit to Korea – a place laden with ungodly thoughts. Korea has experienced the highest suicidal rates in the OCED countries due to extreme expectations and educational pressures from parents and the culture. Nick’s message offered a new paradigm of ‘success’ and fulfillment. I really hope many of the younger Koreans got the core of his message.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Caleb.

  • How great is our God. God has silenced my complaints. I can see how Nick can live his life without limits. He has denied himself, and Christ is living through him. Hallelujah What A Savior.

    • Praise the Lord Loretta. God is great. I’m thankful he has sent Nick as His messenger to witness God’s love and grace. Thanks for joining the blog.

      • jerz

        yah there’s no imposible with God’s grace.. i wish i cud hug him he visted hre in d phil.. but i haven’t meet him.everytym i read blogs about this wonderful man i can’t hold bck my tears and i dn’t even knw y…

        • bryson

          yeah you are right Nick does deliver such a powerful message and it is great to see that so many people lives has changed for the better thanks to him

  • My Full Cup (Virginia)

    This was great! Thanks!

    • Thanks for reading Virginia! 🙂

  • What a fabulous story Paul. Nick is an awesome guy and I saw his videos about a year or two ago. Thank you so much for sharing this because it just goes to show you that anyone can be someone elses blessing. You have inspired me with this video.

    • Thanks brother. I know he’s a blessing to many, including both of us. One of my dreams is to meet with Nick and conduct an interview with him. His story of intentionality despite his disability is a story that needs to be shared.

  • LuAnn Braley

    Following from Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy.

    What an amazing man! Nick reminds me of my mother-in-law’s husband, who lost an arm and both legs in combat. Since that time, he has raised four children, gotten two Master’s Degrees and spent his life serving other ‘disabled’ veterans. And although my children are not his blood relatives, he treats them as his own.

    Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? :O) Have a blessed week!

    • Wow, that’s an awesome story. Thanks for sharing that LuAnn. Nick’s story has been an inspiration in my life – helping me reorient my perspective to one of Christ. 🙂

  • Candra Sianturi

    Wow, thanks for writing this bro! Powerful, so reminding.

    • Hope you enjoyed Nick’s story Candra. I know you’ll love him when you him there in Indonesia. 🙂

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  • bryson

    it is so amazing what Nick Vujicic can do he is an inspiration to everyone

  • bryson

    this is a biography about Nick Vujicic please take sometime to read it

    Nick Vujicic

    Nick Vujicic was born in born 4th of December 1982
    in Melbourne. Nick was born the rare Tetra-amelia disorder which means he had
    no arms, legs, hands but all he had was two small feet with two small toes.
    Even though Nick Vujicic life was hard growing up he is now a respected person
    all over the world who talks about his life in front of large groups of people
    about his life. Nick’s childhood wasn’t easy for him he suffered mentally and
    emotionally but in the faith of his loved ones and god he was able to overcome
    his disability. At the age of seventeen Nick started an own non-profit organisation,
    `Life without Limbs’. Vujicic also talks about his beliefs in god and how god
    can help you to overcome any disability with loved ones by your side to help
    get through the tough times.

    Growing up, Nick Vujicic life was extremely challenging, Nick
    often wondered why his life was this difficult and why he was so different from
    the rest of the students. Vujicic tried to take his only life by drowning himself
    in a bathtub thankfully he couldn’t do it because of the love he had for his
    parents. Since Nick had no limbs he was a target for bullies and he fell into a
    severe depression state. At first Nick wasn’t allowed to attend the mainstream
    school because of his disability however the rules finally changed and Nick
    Vujicic became the first physically disabled person to attend a mainstream

    Nick Vujicic has achieved what so many things that disabled
    people want to achieve and that is to overcome their disability, well Nick has
    shown everyone that you can overcome every disability in world with the help of
    loved ones and with the love and have faith in god. Despite his disability Nick
    has learned how to type, he has started his own non-profitable business Nick is
    also an author, musician, actor, and his hobbies include fishing, painting and
    swimming. These accomplishments have giving many people hope and to help them realize
    that they can achieve many great this in life and never give up because with
    the help with your loved ones you be capable of accomplishing many great this
    in your life time.

    Nick has travelled to many places across the world and there
    are many websites on how Nick has changed so many lives for the better by Nick travelling
    to their counties and speaking to large groups of people he even spoke in Korea
    on TV, he said “that in everyday life we have a choice we can be angry for what
    we don’t have or we could be thankful for what we do have” this video can be
    seen on (4-inspiring-life-lessons-from-nick-vujicic)
    this website has over fifteen powerful comments on how Nick’s story changed
    their life and how his story brought them to tears or just made their eyes
    teary. That message means if you are angry of what you don’t have you will be
    very disappointed in life but if you are grateful of what you do have you will
    be a lot happier in your life time.

    Nick has inspired
    so many people with his story and how you can overcome every disability with
    the love of your loved ones and with the love and faith in god. Nick tell us
    how tough his life was and that he nearly commented suicide at the age of ten years
    old because of bulling because of bulling Nick fell into a server depression
    state that’s he nearly took his own life. Please remember what Nick said “that in everyday
    life we have a choice we can be angry for what we don’t have or we could be
    thankful for what we do have.”


    By Bryson Thornton

    • Joel

      Wow that was great

  • Deb

    Paul, I’m fairly new to your blog. I am enjoying it immensely. Thank you for sharing this inspiring story.

  • Diane Williams

    Paul, thanks for sharing this post about Nick. He is truly remarkable. Also, he is my mentor and inspiration. I love your passion and drive, I’m sure you will achieve your heat’s desire. You are definetly on the road. All the best.

  • Syarifah Maqhfirah Cogitoergos

    You ispire me 🙂

  • evaphillips

    I’ve been following Nick’s life for years and I am so amazed at what God has done through his life around the world. The biography does not mention he is married to a beautiful wife and they have a precious little boy of their own. I pray God will continue to use this man who has such a servant’s heart and great influence on the many people he is reaching. God bless Nick, his family and all his staff. Please everyone pray for them all as they travel the world in the short time we have left before the rapture.

  • burris65456

    Such kind of inspiration information is more useful for the students and i think they also enjoy the education from online. I like this job so much.

  • Joel

    Wow can i put some of this in to my essay