5 Truths to Help You Focus Forward

Never let your memories be greater than your dreams.” Doug Ivester 


This post is written by Bernard Haynes. He writes on leadership and personal vision at Lead to Impact. You can connect with him on Twitterand Facebook. You can also purchase his ebook Vision Impact by clicking here.

Are you ready to see what others can’t see? Are you ready to do what others won’t do?

God designed an incredible future for you. He desires for you to have a successful vision that will impact the future of every area of your life. When God unfolds His vision for your future, you must have the faith to walk it out daily.

Your life progress depends on it. Your family is relying on it. Individuals that you do not know will be blessed by it. You must see the promise of your future even if your present situation is totally opposite of where you desire to be.

You may ask, “How can I accomplish this?” You accomplish it by focusing on your promised future and blocking out the unnecessary distractions.

You can start right where you are by incorporating these five truths to help you focus forward while living through your today.

 1.      Rely on God’s directions.  God has specific directions for you. What He tells you may sound ridiculous, but do it anyway. It may go against human logic, but move in faith. Others may say you are crazy and turn their back on you, but God will never leave you hanging.

Relying on God’s directions enhances your life to the point that the impossible becomes possible, the unreachable becomes reachable, the conquered becomes the conqueror and the victim becomes the victor.

 2.      Release the Past. You can’t move forward with your future if you are dragging the past with you. Your past is scrambled eggs and no matter how much you try, you can’t unscramble eggs. What happened in your past happened and you can’t change it.

You must decide to let the past go. Don’t rehearse it over and over in your mind. Don’t nurse it to keep it alive. Don’t let others hold it over your head. Leave the past in the past because if you don’t, you will never move forward

 3.      Resist Passivity. You can’t waste time sitting around waiting for your big break. You can’t wait hoping someone will give you permission to live your life. It is up to you. Get up and take action. It is your responsibility to put your feet to faith. Stop allowing passivity to keep you in bondage from where you need to be. The door of opportunity is open for you, if you are willing to walk through it.

 4.      Renew your mind. The UNCF has a saying, “The mind is a terrible thing to waste.” They are correct. You waste your mind when you focus on negative thoughts, listen to pessimistic conversations and hang around complaining people.

What are you feeding your mind? The Word of God contains the best source of truth, inspiration and encouragement to feed a discouraged, defeated and doubtful mind. Renew your mind with its life changing message and experience the creative, innovative and tremendous thoughts that will flow through your life.

5.       Resolve to focus forward. Our fast break, over communicated, non-stop pace of life can leave the best of us stressed out and exhausted at the end of the day. The obstacles and oppositions you confront daily make it nearly impossible to focus forward. You are just trying to survive through the day. With everything that is happening, the last thing on your mind is focusing on your future.

It is paramount that you incorporate a new strategy that begins with; realizing God’s purpose for your life, perceiving your situations differently, opening your mind to His creative thoughts and working your plan with assurance that victory is possible.

Make a commitment today to see a better future. Even through the difficulty and hardships of life you must see the greater possibilities that lie ahead. You don’t have to live your life in fear that you might fail. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself with anxious thoughts about tomorrow. You don’t have to exhaust yourself worrying about what others might think or say. You can live a life of victory with the right focus.

Question: What actions do you need to take to focus on your future? Leave a comment below.