A Daily Prayer

In this age of self-promotion, we often let ourselves succumb to the temptation of self-aggrandizement. Especially western culture and education praise such behaviors. In consideration of my Korean heritage, I faced many conflicting moments internally, and continually sought to reconcile these opposing values of servanthood and egoism. In this prayer, I found newfound hope, encouragement, and enlightenment. That is, values that are espoused by our Christ Jesus our Lord ought to take utmost priority over any other secular values.

Lord, as I grow older, I think I want to be known as…

Thoughtful, rather than gifted

Loving, versus quick or bright

Gentle, over being powerful

A listener, more than a great communicator

Available, rather than a hard worker

Sacrificial, instead of successful

Reliable, not famous Content, more than driven,

Self-controlled, rather than exciting

Generous, instead of rich, and

Compassionate, more than competent

I want to be a foot-washer.