Catalyst One Day Session 1: Andy Stanley – What Would a Great Leader Do?

I am live blogging at Catalyst One Day in San Diego. The theme for 2015 Catalyst One Day is “What Great Leaders Do.”


  1. Great leaders ask great questions.
  2. Great leaders surround themselves with people who ask great questions.
  3. Great leaders understand that there is a different between being asked a question and being questioned.

I. Great Questions:

A. Reveals values. 

B. Reinforce values.

  • As leaders, you have the opportunity to choose the values you want to be reinforced.
  • Andy Stanley always asks in his leadership meeting, “What happened this weekend?” We tell stories. I want to know what happened.
  • “Numbers matters because people count.” – Andy’s social media strategist
  • Stories and questions are the two best ways to reinforce organizations values.

C. Reinforce behaviors.

  •  Make it better. (values)
    • What am I doing personally to help us improve organizationally? (values framed in a compelling question)

II. One of the most powerful, clarifying, and disturbing questions a leader can ask is:

What would a great leader do?

  • Andy Stanley asked his spiritual mentor Bill Hybels, “How do you make your decisions?” Hybels answers: I think, “What would a great leader do?

A. This question raises the standard of your leadership above the circumstances of your leadership.

  • Great leaders look beyond the immediate.
  • Great leaders transcend the emotion of the moment.
  • Great leaders absorb; mediocre leaders defend. 

B. This question unveils motives.

  • Corporate mission and vision will eventually conflict with personal
  • Leaders are good at camouflaging personal agendas with the language of mission and vision.
  • This question creates instant clarity.

C. This question reveals weaknesses.

  • It creates tension that deserves our attention.

D. This question will inspire you to reach beyond the limits of personality and style.

Conclusion: What would a great leader do?