Christian Living

A Daily Prayer

In this age of self-promotion, we often let ourselves succumb to the temptation of self-aggrandizement. Especially western culture and education praise such behaviors. In consideration of my Korean heritage, I faced many conflicting moments internally, and continually sought to reconcile these opposing values of servanthood and egoism. In this prayer, I found newfound hope, encouragement, and enlightenment. That is, values that are espoused by our Christ Jesus our Lord ought to take utmost priority over any other secular values. Lord, as I grow older, I think I want to be ...

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Fruit of Authentic Christianity

Have you ever wondered why the success rate of proselytizing in developed countries are dismally low? I continually find myself astonished that the greatest obstacle does not come from the sheer denial of the Christian worldview or its fundamental tenets, but rather the uncharacteristic, inappropriate, and maligning thoughts, words, and behaviors of those who profess to be "Christians." It is when the Christian fails to "walk the talk," non-believers seriously question the veracity of our faith. In this age of postmodernism, the Christian is bombarded with false ...

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