Engage your Employees or Die

Here’s one disturbing fact: After 1 year on the job…70% of U.S employees are not engaged at work.

This study emerges from arguably the most comprehensive research from the foremost consulting firm Gallup Organization.  (i.e., 30 years of in-depth research involving more than 17 million employees) In order to find the right questions, they fundamentally focused on how great managers inspire top performance in employees. How do they generate passion, unite disparate personalities to focus on a common purpose, and propel teams to achieve ever-higher goals?

Below, you’ll find a PowerPoint presentation that outlines Gallup’s 12 Elements of Great Managing. I hope you’ll find this useful.


[slideshare id=11714320&doc=gallupq12summaryboeingportlandr1-120223005928-phpapp02]