FREE Christmas Gift for Salt+Light Readers

Dear friends,Untitled

Can you believe we are quickly approaching the end of 2012? This year has been a great year for the Salt+Light blog. On June 2012, the Salt+Light blog was birthed with a specific mission – a mission to enable readers to become the salt and light of this world through equipping with ideas on people, growth, leadership, and the Christian life. Since then, more than 19,000 have visited Salt+Light.

Staying true to the spirit of giving in Christmas, I’d like to share a small gift with you as a token of my appreciation. Many of your comments, feedback and questions have been of inestimable value, reaffirming my conviction for blogging. Click here for additional info to get the best gift to give someone you love.

Isaac D’Israeli said, “The wisdom of the wise, and the experience of ages, may be preserved by quotation.”

Here, I present you with Salt+Light’s 1st Annual Quotable Quotes (Download the PDF Here). As an avid collector of quotations, I’ve been thoroughly inspired and positively challenged by lives of great men. I hope this could have the same effect for you so that you may be profoundly inspired to live your life with intentionality. That is, to live your life today as if God intends you to live tomorrow.

As you prepare to embrace 2013 with open arms, take time to reflect on these key quotations from time to time. Consider this your pit stop for inspiration, encouragement, and guideline for you to live intentionally. The following quotations are categorized under 27 key topics that pertain to living with intentionality.

Thank you for being part of the Salt+Light family. May God fill your life with His love, grace, and blessings.


Paul Sohn