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You read that right! I am offering a free copy of John Maxwell’s book, The 5 Levels of Leadership.

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I started this blog a year ago in an effort to help you become the salt and light.

I want to equip, empower, and transform you to be a kingdom-minded world changer by helping you:

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My plan is to give away one book a month for the entire year.

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This Month’s Book: John Maxwell’s The 5 Levels of Leadership

True leadership isn’t a matter of having a certain job or title. In fact, being chosen for a position is only the first of the five levels every effective leader achieves. To become more than “the boss” people follow only because they are required to, you have to master the ability to invest in people and inspire them.

To grow further in your role, you must achieve results and build a team that produces. You need to help people to develop their skills to become leaders in their own right. And if you have the skill and dedication, you can reach the pinnacle of leadership-where experience will allow you to extend your influence beyond your immediate reach and time for the benefit of others.

The 5 Levels of Leadership are: 
1. Position – People follow because they have to.
2. Permission – People follow because they want to.
3. Production – People follow because of what you have done for the organization.
4. People Development – People follow because of what you have done for them personally.
5. Pinnacle – People follow because of who you are and what you represent.

Through humor, in-depth insight, and examples, internationally recognized leadership expert John C. Maxwell describes each of these stages of leadership. He shows you how to master each level and rise up to the next to become a more influential, respected, and successful leader.

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Question:What’s your favorite leadership lesson from John Maxwell? 

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 **Congratulations to Lewana Harris for winning June’s Book Giveaway Contest!

  • Honestly I have not read much of John Maxwell although I know he’s a hugely popular author. Maybe If I win this, then I can read him!

    • Thanks Caleb! I’ll put your name in the giveaway contest. I know you’ll appreciate John’s leadership wisdom and thoughts.

  • Kim

    The law of buy-in. If you are able to get others to “buy in” to you as a leader, then you have you’re work cut out for you. I feel that this is often the most difficult for leaders and the reason that many do not succeed. They may have an excellent vision but if others have not first bought into them, then they will be dead in the water.

    • You’re spot on Kim. It’s one thing to have an idea, and quite another to execute it. The leader needs to build allies who will evangelize the leader’s ideas. I believe this boils down to pure relationship building skills. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I’ll put you in for the giveaway contest.

  • disqus_FlYnRGeXPn

    Great book Paul! Thanks for always serving. You’re passion for equipping next generation leaders is highly inspiring! You know I’m a big fan of John Maxwell. One of my favorite lessons is the Law of Priorities. “Activity doesn’t always equal accomplishment”. I already have this book, so I hope that whoever wins it will benefit as greatly as you and I have from the read.

    • Thanks Josh – I think many will appreciate this book as you had and hopefully grow in to the level five leader. One of my favorite lessons is the Law of Process. “Leadership develops daily not in a day.” This law inspires me to never be complacent with the status quo. I’m always looking to grow to unlock the potential God has given me to do greater things for God. Like Carey said, “Expect Great things from God. Attempt great things for God.”

  • One of the greatest things John has taught me is that “Leadership is influence.”Showing that anyone can become a leader because anyone can influence and does influence someone.

    • That’s so true Dan. It’s a different paradigm from many people who considers leader as someone with a position or title. John’s book on 360 leadership says otherwise that titleless leadership is true test of great influence and leadership. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I’ll put your name in the giveaway contest.

      • I’ve read and really enjoyed The 360% Leader!

        • Yes, I have an audio book on that book as well. Worth listening to many times. I heard John is writing his forthcoming book on transformational leadership. Looking forward to it!

          • Nice, I read everything he writes. Looking forward to his newest book!

  • One of my best thoughts from John is “change is inevitable, growth is optional”. It helped me see intentional growth from a fresh perspective!

    • Yes, I love that line “change is inevitable, growth it optional.” I heard that line from John from last year’s Chick-fil-A Leadercast. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Ngina. I’ll put you in the giveaway contest. 🙂

  • Geez…there’s so many wonderful quotes and lessons from Maxwell. That we must intentionally grow. That being a leader isn’t a title. That we have to commit to changing/growing in life.

    Thanks for the chance to win! I haven’t read this book and I LOVE reading! Headed to tweet this now.

    • You and I have already share a passion for reading TC. Yes, John’s message on intentionally growing is one of my favorite. I’ll definitely put you in the list for the giveaway. By the way one of my favorite John Maxwell quotes is this: “A leader lives with people to know their problems. A leader lives with God in order to solve them.” – John C. Maxwell

      • I don’t think I’ve ever heard that quote- so glad you shared it with me. It’s powerful!

        • My pleasure. I love quotes! It has the power to change minds and hearts.

  • Great to find you here, Paul. I love Maxwell’s though that discipline means doing the right things at the right time for the right reason. I would love to win the book. Blessings, Amy

    • Hello Amy! Thanks for visiting my blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your favorite Maxwell’s leadership principles. I’ll put you in the list for the book giveaway contest!

  • Wow.. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from John Maxwell is to value others. Provide as much value as you can to them. I have seen him speak live on four occasions and all times I have gotten so much information that its amazing. Thanks for sharing this Paul and allowing someone to be blessed by this book.

    • Well said brother. You epitomize valuing others. I’m glad you had the chance to see him live. I hope to meet him one day and express my deepest gratitude for his service for God and equipping and empowering me to growth intentionally. I’ll put you in the drawing here for the contest brother.

  • Candra Sianturi

    Never Know much About John Maxwell until I read your blog. Well, something that I learned from him is how you become not just a leader, but how to become a person that giving an impact for others life by empowering them. Also I found his words encouraging my Christian life.

    • You got that right Candra. I know if you win this book, you’ll learn more about Maxwell’s leadership philosophy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts bro.

  • Lewana Harris

    I currently work in Corrections and have recently introduced John Maxwell to our organization for the development of leaders. I am studying organizational leadership in graduate school and am loving it. Hope to receive more information from you..

    • Hi Lewana, thanks for entering the book giveaway contest. I definitely agree with the Pareto principle John talks about. It rings true in pretty much all things we invest in.

      What school are you learning organizational leadership? My passion is in organizational development. Would love to bounce off ideas together. I’ll be sharing more thoughts around leadership on my blog. Talk soon.

      • Lewana Harris

        Hey Paul, I study at the University of Oklahoma and I love it!!! Look forward to speaking with you further. Organizational/Personal Development is also a passion of mine.

        • Wow, that’s awesome. I’m glad to be connected with like-minded individuals. I’ve always been fascinated with what motivates people, team dynamics, and what makes organizations good to great.

    • Hey Lewana, congratulations!!! You just won the Book giveaway contest! Please send me your address to and I’ll send you John Maxwell’s new book copy! Thanks again participating in the book giveaway.

      • Lewana Harris

        Thank you so much!!!! I am so excited..WOW… I sent you the address and I am looking forward to speaking with you further. I would love to put some things together and like you said “bounce off ideas together”. Let’s work it…;)

  • Kay Lynn

    I have many favorite leadership lessons that I’ve learned from John Maxwell, but one that comes to mind is the Law of Intentionality which says that if you want to grow, personally or professionally, you have to be intentional about it. Growth doesn’t just happen. “Later” is a dream-killer – do it now. Seize growth opportunities as if your future depends on it. Why? Because it does.

    • You’re right, intentionality is key Kay. In fact, this blog is outgrowth of being intentional in my growth. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’ll put your name in the contest.

  • Ken

    From John Maxwell

    People follow because of who you are and what you represent.

    Servant Leadership is the key.

    Those familiar with Max De Pree of Herman Miller would appreciate his example of leadership.

    I have recently come across the Max De Pree Center for Leadership and their FieldNotes magazine. Check it out!

    • You’re right. Servant leadership. I think of the inverted pyramid. I’m a big fan of Max De Pree’s work as well. He said, “The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant.” These are timeless words. I”ll put your name in the book contest giveaway.

  • melodieturk

    Servant leadership.

    • Servant leadership it is Melodie. I’ll put your name in the giveaway contest.

  • Jamie Beatson

    To never quit. Always go for goals and dreams.

    • Yes, being resilient is key Jamie. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll put your name in the book giveaway contest.

  • Alex Kress

    Learning and growing…

    • You’re right Alex. It’s a continuous journey. What are you doing do continue your growth and development?

  • James Wells

    Fail Forward

    • Thanks James. That’s a book I haven’t read yet, but I heard great reviews. How have you implemented key learnings of ‘failing forward’ in your life?

  • Erin

    Although I’m not in a leadership position I enjoy all of John Maxwell’s books for self-improvement.

    • Definitely Erin, I’ll put your name on the giveaway contest. I know you’ll learn a lot from John Maxwell.

  • Michael

    From “Developing the Leader Within You”, Chapter 3. “The Most Important Ingredient of Leadership: Integrity”. If I don’t have this, the other ingredients won’t matter or won’t materialize. Just got the updated version of “The 21 Laws of Irrefutable Leadership”. I glanced at a couple of the stories, and cannot wait to begin reading. Thank you for the offer Paul and for sharing. Michael

  • Jemworkz

    Servant leadership is my favorite lesson. The best leaders lead by serving others, who then follow their example.

  • Lifer

    I’m hoping the lessons in this book will help me break away to become a leader.

    • Lewana Harris

      Hey, Lifer, you are already a leader.. Now you just have to become an effective leader and impart the knowledge into others to assist in their personal development. That is what a TRUE leader does. I know that you will do great things.

      • YES! Spot on Lewana. Lifer – you do not need a title and position to be a leader. That’s’ one of the myths people have on leadership. At the basic level, we are leading our self. Slowly, we go grow our influence inside out.

        • Lewana Harris

          Exactly!! I like that “At the basic level, we are leading ourselves and grow from the inside out.. that is good! So that can actually go along with the idea that a tree will produce fruit of it’s own kind. So the question is, what type of fruit are we producing?

  • Kevin

    Will help me to become a leader

  • Peter

    Awesome book

  • Deddy Wirata

    Change is inevitable. Growth is optional – John C. Maxwell

  • Rajshekher Garikapati

    Level 1 leadership (by Position) – is the lowest – and not leadership at all. Level 5 is the highest, attained only by the most charismatic, who hold sway over massive numbers of people. Moving up from Level 1 to 2, 3, and 4 is a must for anybody – in Industry or outside.

  • John Justin


  • Masood Faqeery

    but not success to download yet

  • Andi Kurniadi

    I really like the John C Maxwell books cause his books are easy to read and easy to implement in the real life. And my special interest in “the 5 level of leadership” is that I want to develop my leadership to the highest level