Here’s How You Develop the Core of a Leader

Everyone talks about leadership development. Everyone knows its important to raise the capacity of those you lead. What do I mean by that?

At GiANT Worldwide, we use simple visual tools to teach leadership. One of our tools is called The Core. The Core is the simplest visual form what we believe as the heart of leadership development. 

You might have been at the gym and had the misfortunate of working with a personal trainer. Your personal trainer says you need to focus on your core because your core is what sustains your back, your tight hamstrings.

To develop a core of strength of leadership requires a combination of three things: IQ, EQ, and PQ.

core of a leader

GiANT Worldwide: CORE Tool

The first aspect of leadership is IQ or your hard skills. That’s what most of us are good at. This is what you got your credentials for, it’s what you went to college for. Most of us understand hard skills and the capacity to analyze those to make decisions. Can you present well? Can you crunch the numbers? Can you communicate a vision?

However, the world is changing. In the 21st century, the information is increasingly free. Increasingly, the skills required to lead in the 21st century need more than just the capacity to know.

There was a time years ago where you went to university and sit under a learned professor and they would basically read their notes to you. You would busily copy down their notes and write essays that you’ve learned the information. Then, they would give you a nice certificate and say you learned your information and you use that as your currency or capital to get a job.

The problem, of course, is that the Internet has moved the goal post. You can ask Siri anything. Or you can type into Google or Wikipedia. Basically, the whole knowledge is available to us in the tip of our fingers. So information alone isn’t as valuable as it used to be.

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Connectivity has been a huge component in the core strength as a leader. The capacity to know how to be appropriately present with people in different size groups, in different context, being able to connect with the head and heart with those you engage with and those you lead. The Influence Model will help you build long-term trust. Learning how to develop emotional intelligence, learning how to develop the capacity to connect with people in your team, those you lead is increasingly becoming a key skill.

Lastly, it is really about self-awareness. How do we help leaders grow into understand why they behave the way they do. How does my personality and my internal wiring shape my engagement with others. In many ways, how does it help me lead in my hard skills and how does it help me connect.

What’s it really like to be on the other side of you as a leader? Do you understand the impact your engagement has?

All of those three components go together to define the core strength of a leadership.

Here’s the challenge for most of us. We’ve majored in IQ and skills, and we still get educated in the same way. But the Internet, Wikipedia, and Google are moving the goal posts and nobody is going to pay you anymore for being able to memorize information.

The art of leadership, the competitive advantage in the 21st century is not going to be about just what you know. It’s the capacity to understand yourself and how that interacts with your key clients, with your customers, and leaders in staff that you’ll have within your organization.

That’s what we’ll call your core as a leader. And, growing in that will allow you to have influence far greater than skills you’ve accumulated along the years.

Question: How will you intentionally develop the core of your leadership?