How Does Emotional Intelligence Affect Your Career [Infographic]


The reality in our current workplace shows the disconnect between EQ and IQ. Think about the company that you currently work for.

Were you primarily hired based on your cognitive skills and technical capabilities or your interpersonal capabilities, or simply people skills?

The truth of the matter is pedigree and track records outlined in your resume has a lot to do with your IQ. What you may not know is that IQ is a threshold competence. You need it, but it isn’t what makes you a star performer.

What truly propels you to be a star performer originates from your people and interpersonal capabilities (EQ). I wonder how many people have fully appreciated this fact and have embraced developing themselves as an EQ leader.

The infographic below illustrates the sheer impact of Emotional Intelligence in a leader’s career path and organizational effectiveness. 

Infographic via University of Maryland’s Online MBA Program