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Join My LIVE Webinar on Faith & Calling in the Marketplace

July 14, 2014 3 Comments
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Faith&Calling in the Marketplace Webinar

Did you know that on average 7 out of 10 Americans dislike their job? In fact, many of them, including Christians, feel like work is often a hard, monotonous set of thankless tasks.

In fact, I believe this is a one of the biggest epidemics we’re experiencing in this world today.

As His image bearers, our singular mission is to glorify God in every domain in our lives, including our work.

We yearn to live purpose-driven lives. Whether we know it or not, we ask these fundamental questions…

How do I discover my calling?

How can I find meaning and purpose in my work?

In the last several years, God has placed a burden in my heart – to help others discover their calling and live it out in their work.

This is why I’d like to invite you on the upcoming Webinar entitled “Faith & Calling in the Marketplace” where my good friends Dave Arnold and Lincoln Parks will dispel myths about faith and calling in the context of marketplace. We’ll share concrete action steps for living out a calling-driven life in your work.

Personally, I’ll share both my struggles and triumphs based on my experience in working at both a Great Place to Work Company and a Fortune 50 company.

To join us on this webinar, go HERE.

Even if you can’t attend the webinar it will be recorded for your pleasure, but you have to register to get the recording. Here is a video of Dave, Lincoln and I explaining more.

About the Author:

Paul Sohn is an organizational chiropractor, purpose weaver, and kingdom-minded catalyst. Paul currently serves at The Boeing Company as a LEAN practitioner, providing expertise in continuous improvement initiatives, building high-performing teams and processes to create effective organizations. Paul also serves as an organizational consultant and Board Director at the Portland Leadership Foundation. He is writing his forthcoming book on how to live intentionally as a twenty-something. Paul received a Bachelor of Commerce degree at University of British Columbia in 2010. Above all, Paul’s vision is to turn the world upside down by equipping, connecting, and transforming emerging Christian leaders and organizations.
  • Paul Jolicoeur

    I’m there!

    Our work should be an extension of who we are, not time we must give away to fund the rest of the things we do.

  • Lincoln Parks

    Can’t wait to pour out all that I have with you and Dave Paul for the many. I’m so Blessed to have great guys like you both around me.

  • Dave Arnold

    It’s going to be awesome guys – can’t wait. Great post/video Paul (and Linoln).