July, 2013 – Top 10 Posts & Site Stats

July for me was one of those months that happened to just elude me. It was a quick month. With summer nearing its peak, I seemed to have been more pre-occupied with other activities which stole time away from my blogging journey. 

However, this said, I’m grateful for what I’ve achieved this month. One of the signature accomplishments this month was the memorization of 2 Timothy. I’ve spent countless hours, reading, reflecting, meditating, and studying Scripture. This meant time away from the blogosphere, reading other books, time spent outside. Therefore, as you could see in my site stats, this took a heavy toll on my site statistics, but I’m not worried. I gained something greater – the spiritual intimacy with God that needed to be restored. All in all, it was a sacrifice worth taking. The benefit of memorizing and reciting the word of God to my readers has been an exhilarating exercise. In fact, I am planning to incorporate this spiritual discipline every year, where I will memorize one book of the Bible once a year.  

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Top 10 Posts in July

  1. Phil Jackson’s 11 Principles of Leadership
  2. Interview with Ryan Avery: How to Speak Like a World Champion of Public Speaking
  3. Organization 3.0 – Embracing Theory in the 21st Century
  4. Connect, Then Lead: How to be a Happy Warrior
  5. The Love Imperative: The Best Way to Lead any Organization
  6. Engage your Employees or Die
  7. 3R’s of Success for Being Salt and Light
  8. Top 30 Books Every Young Influencer Must Read
  9. Interview with Valerie Myers: Conversations about Calling
  10. GIVEAWAY: Bruce Nussbaum’s “Creative Intelligence”

Site Statistics

As mentioned earlier, there were some variables that I believe led to this decline in July, 2013. First, summer is a historically low month for blog readership. Most people are spending less time reading blog posts and doing other things (more outdoor activities). But a key reason is my lack of time invested in growing my blog this month. I focused most of my energy memorizing 2 Timothy which resulted time away from promoting my platform and writing more blog posts. I know numbers mean things, but in this case, I have gained something more profound than double or triple digit increases – the intimacy with my Lord Jesus Christ. If you’ve been reading my posts on a regular basis, I wanted to thank you again for being part of my blog. If you feel you want to reach out my to directly, you can either reach me on Facebook or my e-mail: paul.j.sohn@gmail.com 

  • Visitors decreased 13.3%
  • Pageviews decreased 45.0%
  • Views per Visitor increased 28.6%