Key Insights from My 2013 Blog Survey

Several days ago, I created and distributed my first blog survey. I had 24 people complete the survey. The feedback has been very helpful and I’d like share my summary of the results:

The general profile of my reader looks like this: My typical reader is male (69%) between the ages of 22-30 (54%). He usually reads my blog post (42%) through Facebook (62%) and especially interested in those related to the topic of leadership (75%).

I also received 24 open-ended comments around how I could improve my blog and what topics I should cover on my blog in the future. I found these comments most helpful as it gave me the opportunity to rethink the alignment of my mission and customer needs.

As a result of reading these, I have come to refine my mission and focus:

The mission of Salt+Light blog is to equip and empower the next generation of Christ-centered men and women to become mind molders through providing relevant, inspiring, and practical knowledge and tools to enable them create a spiritual and societal transformation in this world.

I have further refined my focus my themes into three pillars:       

  • Change and Growth: To be mind molder means to continually reinvent yourself by investing in your growth and development. Change is the only constant. The blog offers practical and inspiring resources coupled with fresh insights on how to ignite your engine for growth and development.
  • Leadership: Leadership is the sine qua non for becoming a mind molder. By learning how to make an intentional influence in a person’s life, the blog offers cutting-edge insights on how to grow and develop as a more effective leader. This includes best practices, interviews and case studies of established leaders in our society.
  • The Christian Life: A mind molder cannot bring a spiritual transformation without a coherent, biblical worldview that serves as the foundation of his or her life. The blog equips readers with perspectives and tools from Christian books and real-life experiences to maintain our focus on the eternal prize, which is Jesus Christ our Lord.

Here are some other conclusions I have made based on the survey results:

  1. I need to include more video and images. Some readers expressed an interest in more dynamism on my blog through the right mix of images and videos to support my readings.
  2. I need to create a larger fonts and shorter posts. Several expressed difficulty reading my blog posts with small fonts. I’ve increased the font size to size 12 which makes it reader-friendly now. Also, I’m going to shoot for 650-word limit. (I usually write 700-1000 words) Only with a few exceptions, I’ll try to limit my blog post to 650 words at most
  3. I need to focus on my core. With my insatiable curiosity and eclectic interests, I have a propensity to cover topics that may go off tangent from my mission. I will adhere to my core focus comprised of three pillars: change and growth, leadership, and Christian life.

With respect to your comments on relevant and interesting topics, here’s some I plan to write in 2013 as a result:  “business as mission,” “Christian vocation and calling,” “teambuilding, culture and influence,” “storytelling,” “communication,” “servant leadership,” “optimizing group decision makings,” “book reviews and film reviews.”

I plan to continue my blog survey on an annual basis. This helps me enormously ensuring I provide better, more relevant content. Thank you so much to each of you who participated. This has been very helpful! 🙂

As my friend Javis reminded me of this quote from Ken Blanchard: “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” Anytime, anywhere, your feedback is very much appreciated. Stay posted on future blog posts!

Here’s my last question for you so I can improve my NEXT survey: What questions should I have asked but didn’t?