May, 2013 – Top 10 Posts & Site Stats

The month of May has been an unprecedented milestone in my blogging journey. After 11 months of diligent blogging, things seem to be catching on fire.

top post for april

Here are some milestone achievements. I have reached my first 1,000 views per day. Also, I have entered the realm of five digits: 10,000 total views in May. I have also earned $40 in May just by referring books to (not to bad for free allowance money)

Now, here’s my top ten posts in May!

Top 10 Posts in May

  1. Top 30 Books Every Young Influencer Must Read
  2. Living Intentionally in Your Defining Decade
  3. 10 Ways to be a Life-long Learner
  4. An Entrepreneur of Life: Discovering the Ultimate Why in Life
  5. 6 Ways to Make Your Idea Contagious
  6. How to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life in your 20′s
  7. An Interview with Lusi Chien: Telling the Greatest Story Ever Told
  8. Your Definitive Guide to Resume Writing (Value of $500)
  9. The Paradox of Our Time
  10. Nike Ad: Find Your Greatness

Site Statistics

This month’s stats are incredibly mind-boggling. I may never see this type of growth in a while.

  • Visits increased 101.5%
  • Pageviews increased 104.8%
  • Views per Visitor increased 1.9%

It’s quite unfathomable to have far exceeded my 15% growth rate I have anticipated. In hindsight, I attribute several factors to this exponential growth:

  1. Better commenting – I’m learning from exceptional bloggers and commenters like Dan Black, Lincoln Parks, Ngina Otiende, and Joe Lalonde on leveraging this important skill. This could be time consuming – but a perfect way to really engaging and share insights with other like-minded experts.  
  2. Leveraging other platforms – I use LinkedIn groups and other forums (e.g., TED Talk) to share my content. For instance, I had nearly 1,500 people from the TED community read my article on Living Intentionally in Your Defining Decade that I wrote in response to Meg Jay’s TED Talk and her book Defining Decade.
  3. Connecting with bloggers– As I seek to build a genuine relationship with bloggers who have greater presence, know-how, and knowledge, I am indebted to their support. One lesson I have learned is that those who are successful never hold back – they are lavish in their praise, help, and encouragement. Their generosity has humbled me again and created me motivation as well.

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If you’re a new time visitor or subscriber to my blog, I welcome and thank you. I encourage you check out my top posts in May and comment on my blog or email me at

I will continue to do my best to equip, empower, and transform you as a kingdom-minded world changer through my blog.

Question: What would you like to see more in June?