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We Asked 100 CEOs to Describe Themselves and Here’s What They Said

A lot of CEOs get a bad rep for earning hideous figures of salary. The average CEO earns more in an hour than the average employee earns in a month. Nonetheless, CEOs have the potential and power to shape the culture, society. Many CEOs are included in the reputable list Fortune's The World's Most Powerful People. RELATED: Top 30 Books Every Young Influencer Must Read I stumbled across an interesting study by Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) in which they surveyed 100 CEOs to describe themselves. Here's a short video that captures 9 things CEOs say about themselves. The infographic below summarizes the key learnings. (more…)

CEO Library: What CEOs are Reading during Summer

The summer finally has embraced us with its wide open arms. For most people, this means planning for extended vacations, hitting the beach, and relaxing poolside. For CEOs, summer becomes the perfect time to retreat to a remote island or escaping to exotic places unknown to many. At least for several days, C-suite executives are using some downtime to catch up on their reading. Since 2004, Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI), a leading Asian think tank, has conducted a survey of CEOs on their reading habits and recommendable books during the summer vacation. The key theme for the books in 2012 were around humanites, self-examination, ...

Adopting the Mindset of a CEO

Harvard Business Review recently featured an article entitled “How Managers Become Leaders.” The article’s main premise follows: Few leadership transitions are as challenging as the move from running a function to running an entire enterprise for the first time. The focus of leadership passages changes and require them to develop new skills and conceptual frameworks. Michael Watkins, author of the best-selling “The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels,” remarks the transition into an enterprise leader requires shifts in the mindset of the leader. He proposes Seven Seismic Shifts. Here there are: ...