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4 Inspiring Life Lessons from Nick Vujicic

My first encounter with Nick Vujicic was through one of his sensational YouTube clips. The clip showcases some of Nick’s hobbies such as playing golf and soccer, sky diving, surfing. All these things you’d expect from an ‘able’ person was being performed by a ‘disable’ person – a young man with no arms and legs. This is a remarkable feat of itself, but what impressed me most was his compelling sense of joy and peace in his life. I kept questioning myself, “Where does his conviction and confidence come from?” (more…)

How Roles Models Inspire You to Become the Best

Author Oliver Goldsmith said "People seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves to copy." The singular influence in the life of a person is another person who is worthy of emulation. Who is that role model in your life worthy of such emulation? Have you ever had this role model galvanize you to take the right action in crucial moments? A growing body of evidence in psychology suggests that when people are exposed to the role models at the right time, they will subconsciously motivate them to take the right action. Psychologists Hitrenda Wadhwa, professor at Columbia Business School, talks about his story through which his hero ...