The Youngest World Champion of Public Speaking on Being a Speaker, Leader, Champion


I had the privilege of interviewing my friend Ryan Avery, the youngest world champion of public speaking in history. Ryan helps leaders build better presentations and develop communication strategies that will help grow your business. He is a best-selling author of his first book “Speaker, Leader Champion.” (If you’d like to win FREE book of Ryan’s new book, follow the instructions at the bottom of this article.)

Paul: Congratulations Ryan for becoming a best-selling author of your first book “Speaker, Leader, Champion.” What is your inspiration for this book?

Ryan: It’s my belief that your voice is the  most powerful tool on the planet and every single person has a message inside of them. However, we are not taught how to develop and deliver the message in a way that connects with audiences. I partnered with Jeremey Donovan, a best-selling author of “How to Deliver a TED Talk,” to analyze and dissect the world champion speeches. We put over 80 strategies to help people to improve their communication and deliver messages effectively. We wanted to make it easy for people especially those who are in their 20’s or 30’s to use their voice to make a difference and advance their career. 

Paul: What’s the dynamic and relationship between being a speaker, leader, and champion? 

Ryan: I believe it goes in this order. I believe you should focus on being a better speaker because the better speaker you are the better leader you’ll be. The speaker is one who is able to effectively communicate a message to get audience to, feel inspired, take action, and lead by example. The leader is a speaker who is able to identify their target market and solve problems by coming up with solutions. Leaders become champions when they stop competing against each other, teach others what they need to do, and use their resources, energy, and time to maximize the potential to help others succeed.

Paul: Can you share some habits you’ve cultivated that were instrumental in becoming the youngest world champion of public speaking? 

Ryan: The first thing I would say is to be able to focus on one thing. I was not trying to write a blog and write a book and develop speeches and accomplish five other things. Instead I focused on developing the best speech I could. I read more books that I can count. I watched more videos that I can count. I did everything around this specific goal. What happens with too many people is they have too many goals and spread themselves thin. However, if you focus on one thing and prioritize to what you want to accomplish will do so much more!

The second thing is to believe in yourself. Before anyone else can believe in you, you have to believe you. You have to make that commitment to yourself of you can do it. Once you decide that, it doesn’t matter what other people think. It only matters what you think. 

Paul: What are some common mistakes you see in fledging, aspiring speakers, and what would you advise to overcome it?

Ryan: They haven’t identified who they serve and what real problem they solve. Aspiring speakers, for instance, say “I work on personal development, I work on coaching, fitness, mindest and procrastination. I am a speaker, author, networker and social media expert and blah blah blah.” If they do all of that, they are not good at anything! There’s no way you can do all those things effectively. So it is about focusing in on what you do very well. For me, my single thing is that I help leaders effectively communicate their message to live audiences. That is what I do. Here’s a formula that I use to help others find this one to focus on. It goes like this:

  • I help ___________
  • Who want to ___________
  • By ___________

For example, I help aspiring speakers who want to be professional speakers by teaching them what I learned by being the world champion of public speaking. By using this formula, I believe it’s so much easier to focus on your one big thing.

Paul: What are some of the books that you’re reading that has helped you become a better leader and speaker?

Ryan: The first one that I recommend to everyone is “Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln” by James C. Humes. One of the books I recently finished reading was “Stop Talking, Start Communicating” by Geoffrey Tumlin – it’s a great book! I also like Craig Valentine’s book “World Class Speaking” as well as John Maxwell’s “Everyone Communicates, Few Connects.”

Paul: Who’s your favorite speaker?

Ryan: My favorite public speaker, for sure, is Seth Godin. He is my all time favorite!

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