Top 10 Posts from April 2013

April was by far the most focused, productive, and fruitful month this year. I’ve reached my goal of devouring 10 books this month. In addition, I published 10 blog posts where I interviewed two key leaders, and wrote a book review.

top post for april

I’m excited to share with you my blogging journey now on a monthly basis. In less than two months, this will mark my first year anniversary of active blogging with a revamped platform. I’ve learned many lessons and insights along the way. Still, I have lots to learn and grow.  

As an aspiring leader, I’ve embraced Ken Blanchard’s timeless words on feedback: “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” So, please, please, please continue to share your constructive feedback so I can better serve you.

Top 10 Posts

  1. 7 Tips for Killer Presentations
  2. 10 Tips to Maximize Your Conference Experience
  3. The Pygmalion Effect: Believing is Seeing
  4. Nike Ad: Find Your Greatness
  5. Food for Thought: Memorable Quotes on Leadership
  6. Iron Sharpens Iron: How Mastermind Groups Will Change Your Life
  7. Your Definitive Guide to Resume Writing (Value of $500)
  8. The Eight Habits of Effective Google Managers
  9. God and Guinness: The Missional Drink that Changed the World
  10. Why Every Leader should Self-Publish a Book [Book Giveaway]

Site Statistics

April marks the most visited month since the inception of my blog. It’s reassuring to see the more blog posts I produce the more visits and views I’m getting. I wanted to share my deepest thanks for visiting my site, subscribing to my blog, and your constant encouragement and feedback. My goal for May is a 15% growth in page views and total visits. I will share the results in the upcoming month. Stay tuned!

  • Visits increased 20.58%
  • Pageviews increased 14.29%
  • Views per Visitor decreased 5.23%

Question: What would you like to see more in May?