Top 10 Trends: What’s Next in 2013?….World, Business, Consumer, Workplace, and Technology


Top 10 Global Trends for 2013 (Click Here Full Story @Economist)

  1. Social everything:  New generations and their digital world stepping forward
  2. Redefining value: The consumer is winning the fight to own the new consume
  3. Distributed everything:  Mobility in production and consumption
  4. The next “industrial” revolution: Robots and smart machines reshaping work
  5. The new space race:  Pushing the frontiers of technology once again?
  6. Geopolitical wars: The fight to control the future
  7. Resource wars escalating: From a world of abundance to shortage
  8. Business stepping up: From profit to purpose
  9. Information is power: The security challenge
  10. Who needs banks anyway? Reshaping the financial system


Top 10 Business Trends for 2013 (Click Here for Full Story

  1. The Rise of Big Data: Cutting-edge entrepreneurs are stepping up to crunch the vast (and ever-growing) stockpile of information too large for companies to store and analyze in-house.
  2. Domestic Production Makes a Comeback: Factors like more affordable labor, higher shipping costs, a better financial climate and a surge of homegrown innovation mean the U.S. manufacturing startup universe is experiencing a renaissance.
  3. The Workspace of the Future: The office is getting a new look — or being phased out altogether.
  4. Managers Who Understand the Importance of Goofing Off: CEOs get the message about the value of fun in the workplace and its contribution to the bottom line.
  5. Beauty Seekers Favor ‘Cosmeceuticals‘: Consumers take a shine to advanced personal-care products.
  6. Hot Sauce Goes Mainstream: Move over ketchup. Hot sauce is now one of the 10 fastest-growing industries in the U.S.
  7. Energy-Drink Market Gets a Boost From Young Consumers: Energy-enhancing products have grown into a multibillion-dollar industry fueled by young consumers.
  8. Healthcare Goes Digital: The digital health-technology market will be worth $5.7 billion by 2015, with chronic care, wellness and medication management leading the charge.
  9. Using Transparency to Build Consumer Trust: Weary consumers have had enough of false promises and conflicting marketing claims and are simply seeking brands they can trust.
  10. Unique Vending Machines Drive Stagnant Industry Forward: Recent innovations like touchscreen technology, electronic-payment options and unique products could give the vending machines industry a boost.
  11. Creative Financing Grows in Popularity: Traditional business lending is still faltering, but more people are starting businesses, which means borrowers and lenders are getting creative.


Top 10 Consumer Trends for 2013 (Euromonitor Interntional):
Download Top 10 Consumer Trends for 2013, featuring more details on the trends listed above.

  1. Spending on convenience nudging into the quest for value
  2. Crowded house redux
  3. Downtime decoded
  4. Food: More than a life staple
  5. Gendered consumption RIP?
  6. Local love
  7. Older and off to work and train
  8. Parenting lifestyles
  9. Shopping like it’s the future
  10. The roll call of consumer concerns 


Top 10 Workplace Trends for 2013 (Click Here for Full Story @Dan Schawbel)

  1. Millennials will rise up
  2. Working from home becomes mainstream
  3. Emphasis on employee engagement
  4. More boomers retire. 
  5. Intrapreneurship is embraced
  6. Freelance nation booms.
  7. The skills gap shrinks
  8. Internal hiring takes off
  9. Employees become social advocates
  10. Women start to outpace men at work


Top 10 Technology Trends for 2013 (Click Here for Full Story @Marketwatch)

  1. Will Apple hit a wall—or break through it?
  2. Will PCs bounce back? (And will it get a boost from Windows 8?)
  3. Will Microsoft (and Steve Ballmer) recover?
  4. Can Meg Whitman win back Wall Street’s confidence in Hewlett-Packard?
  5. Who will lead Intel after Otellini (And can the company gain more share against ARM-based chipmakers?)
  6. Will Facebook regain its buzz on Wall Street?
  7. Can Yahoo stage a comeback under Marissa Mayer?
  8. Can Zynga and Groupon recover?
  9. Will the BlackBerry (and RIM) survive?
  10. What will be the big buzzword? Cloud? Saas? SDN?

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Question to you: What Trends Do You Forecast in 2013?