What If You Could Ask These 5 Questions to America’s Top Christian Leaders?

From Oct 1-3, I had the pleasure of attending the 2014 Catalyst Conference. In fact, I had the honor of joining the blogger team this year where I wrote live notes for the speaker sessions. Catalyst Conference is the number one conference for leaders who love the church. It is a pure leadership adrenaline!

The speaker line up was really impressive. We had America’s leading church leaders, including Andy Stanley, Christine Caine, Tim Keller, Matt Chandler, and Craig Groeschel share their wisdom on the theme of how to be a change maker. Over 13,000 of us were present at the Gwinnett Arena soaking in the wisdom of America’s leading Christian leaders.

I wondered what if I had 20 minutes to ask any question to these leaders. Uncensored, transparent, and real questions and answers that is.

So, here you have it! Five questions I’d love to ask America’s leading Christian leaders. 

1. How do you deal with your vices? or How do you die every day? (Galations 2:20)

Don’t consider these Christian leaders as today’s celebrity leaders. In fact, what makes these leaders famous and powerful is their ability to withstand the tests that follow from growing effective ministry. Their longevity is a proof of their character. As someone who struggles with pride and arrogance, I’d love to ask this question and know how these leaders stay humble. How do you keep straight when everyone is giving you the standing ovation and commending you for your books, sermons and speech? 

2. What do you do everyday to become a better leader?

John Maxwell is fond of saying “You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” One common denominator these leaders share is the drive and passion to rise above the status quo. They are visionaries driven to move from success to significance. Knowing what these leaders do everyday to grow closer to Christ, maximize their strengths, and serving others would be something would be of inestimable value.

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3. If you woke tomorrow morning and discovered you inherited $20 million, and had discovered you also had terminal disease with 10 years to live, what would be on your stop-doing list?

I need to give credit to Jim Collins for asking this brilliant question. In one of his speeches, he directed this questions to young leaders. I love this question because it helps you think hypothetically and most of all helps you think about what to stop doing instead of what to do. The world today we live in is enchanted with the idea of consumerism. The world shouts, “the more you consume, the more you be fulfilled.” I believe this new phenomenon is what prevents people from living an intentional, purpose-driven life.

4. What would a 20-year older you tell a younger you today?

Again, one of those hypothetical questions. Imagine you met a 20-year older you. What would he/she tell the you today? What to look for in the answers are thoughts around core values, priorities, and definition of success. The older you who is more wise and seasoned would reflect back at life and tell you to do this or that. This is a great way to know what these Christian leaders value and how they define success. These leaders may say “focus more on loving your family” or “focus on building your character” etc. Again, the answers shed light on what matters most to these leaders.

5. What’s the number one principle that undergirds your entire life?

Everyone lives intentionally or unwittingly by principles. These principles dictates what decisions and choices we make in life. I’d love to learn more about if there’s any story around one principle that profoundly impacted these leaders’ lives and helped them live with greater intentionality.

Question: What other questions would you like to ask America’s leading Christian leaders?