You are a Kingdom-Minded Influencer

I stumbled upon this compelling video developed by Catalyst Conference. My jaw literally dropped as I was watching this short clip. I’ve never came across a message that so closely aligned with my calling and vision in life – that is to create and cultivate the next generation of kingdom-minded influencers who will reclaim the seven mountains of culture. 

As I’m planning my visit to Atlanta, GA on Oct 2-4 to attend this epic conference, I wanted to share this inspiring video. The theme for this year’s conference is “KNOWN.”I have transcribed the notes with a little modification. To be a catalyst in this sense is virtually synonymous to being a kingdom-minded influencer. I hope you enjoy the video! 


Before you were a leader, before you had a name, before you had a voice, a face or a form, you were known by God.

You have always been on his mind – known as a member of his household, emblazoned on his hands and heart.

Your significance and security is found solely in that belonging.

But so often we forget this core identity and we turn to imposters.

We place our hope in our achievements, our possessions, our appearance, our acceptance, our performance.

We clamor in desperation for these charlatans to tell us that we’re okay, that we’re wanted, that we matter.

And these false hopes promise us the world but leave us empty, enslaved, restless, inauthentic, unknown.

Why would you exchange a noble inheritance for a pedestrian life? Why would you measure your life through a dimly lit mirror provided by this world.

Your identity, your calling, your legacy cannot be measured by a yardstick of your own design.

As a [kingdom-mined influencer] you are called into a leading and the people you lead rely on the clarity of your vision and the compass of your identity.

When you lead authentically with an inner competence birthed by your Creator, when you’re willing to be true and vulnerable before God and others, you become a leader without pretense, a leader worth following.

You can know where you’re headed when you know where you’re come from.

Through the noise, there is a voice that gently reminds you.

It is fatherly and familiar. It reorients you to where you are, who you are, and most importantly, whose you are – that you are essential, that you are known.

It reminds you that God who knows all, knows me.

I can know my calling because I am known.

Together we will be known as [kingdom-minded influencer.]

Question: What does it mean for you to be a Kingdom-minded influencer?