10 Ideas to Inspire Your Next Blog Post

I believe every leader should have a platform. One of the best ways to build a compelling platform is blogging. I started my blogging five years ago and it has turned into a ministry to influence leaders. Blogging has became an integral part of living out my calling. I have now over 100,000+ visitors consistently reading my content on a monthly basis. This has created an incredible opportunity to not only serve but also coach others to build their platform. In Platform, Michael Hyatt offers ten idea starters for creating your next blog posts. If you’re a a new time blogger or a seasoned pro, Hyatt’s insights will help you catapult your blogging platform.


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1. Tell a Personal Story

This approach always works. Whenever you get to harness the power of your personal narrative, it creates resonance with the reader. A year ago, I shared my story of quitting my handsome job at a Fortune 50 job without having a job lined up.

2. Describe a Historical Event

This is very similar to using a personal story. History is full of great stories. It’s one of the reasons why I enjoy reading biographies. Here’s an example of a post I wrote on the story of Arthur Guinness who invented the Guinness drink and created a good-to-great company.

3. Review a Book, Movie, or Software Program

This is a great method to share some of the resources you have found and why you liked them. Here’s how you can write key summaries and lessons from a book and share it with your readers. My good friend and blogger Joe Lalonde writes excellent leadership posts after watching latest Hollywood movies.

4. Comment on a Powerful Quote

I can’t read a book without underlining the passages that inspire me. If you have a person who you admire or respect, write a blog posts on the most impactful quotes. Here’s some examples:

5. Let a Great Photograph Inspire You

Behind every great photo is story. You may know a story or you may not. Use unsplash or other photos from Flickr.com to share your story.

6. Comment on Something in the News

This can be something global or something that is specific in your industry. If you are a thought-leader, this is a great way to showcase your credibility.

7. Report on an Interesting Conversation

I get to go to conferences a lot and meet interesting people. I bet you do too. You might meet some at work too. Regardless, rarely a month goes by that I am not deeply stimulated by an interesting conversation I have had. Why not blog on those topics? Only caveat is that you don’t reveal something that you shouldn’t.

8. Provide a List of Resources

Your ability to curate relevant resources can be a huge way to give back to your community. Resource lists are a great way to generate bigger traffic. For instance, here’s a list of Top 10 YouTube Channel Every Leader Should Be Following

9. Provide a Step-by-Step Explanation for How to Do Something

When you provide five steps to this or 10 strategies for that, people gobble it up. Many people want down-to-earth, practical help with the issues they are wrestling with.

10. Explain the Rationale Behind a Decision

Smart people want to know why you do what you do. Sharing a story around why you made a specific decision can be instructive for others.