10 Ravi Zacharias Quotes That Will Shape Your Faith

If you know me well, you’d probably heard me quote profusely from this man. Or, you’ve seen me talk in great length about his teachings with great intensity and passion.

Yes, this man is one of the top five people who has made a profound, life-changing impact in my life. He is affectionally known as the 21st century C.S. Lewis. 

His name is Ravi Zacharias.

If you haven’t heard of Ravi,  you’re in for a treat. 

Let me distill Ravi’s legacy in one sentence. 

To touch both the heart and the intellect of the thinkers and influencers of society by shaping the ideas of the culture with the credibility of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

At 22, I first heard his popular  show “Let My People Think” – a 30-minute radio program that powerfully address fundamental issues in life such as life’s meaning, the credibility of the Christian message and the Bible. His message and teachings have impacted so much I have read most of his books and attended his week-long apologetics immersion conference called RZIM Summer Institute at Wheaton College. 


As a collector of quotes, I have been inspired by Ravi Zacharias’ wisdom. Other than my parents, he has contributed profoundly in shaping my faith. I hope you’ll enjoy these ten quotes that will redefine how you see your Christian faith. 


“Pleasure without God, without the sacred boundaries, will actually leave you emptier than before. And this is biblical truth, this is experiential truth. The loneliest people in the world are amongst the wealthiest and most famous who found no boundaries within which to live. That is a fact I’ve seen again and again.”


“I do not believe that one can earnestly seek and find the priceless treasure of God’s call without a devout prayer life. That is where God speaks. The purpose of prayer and of God’s call in your life is not to make you number one in the world’s eyes, but to make him number one in your life. We must be willing to be outshone while shining for God. We hear very little about being smaller in our own self-estimate.”


“Truth that is not undergirded by love makes the truth obnoxious and the possessor of it repulsive.”


“I think the reason we sometimes have the false sense that God is so far away is because that is where we have put him. We have kept him at a distance, and then when we are in need and call on him in prayer, we wonder where he is. He is exactly where we left him.”


“Unless I understand the Cross, I cannot understand why my commitment to what is right must take precedence over what I prefer.”

Finishing Well

“Beginning well is a momentary thing; finishing well is a lifelong thing.”


“One often sees a call only in retrospect. This too is God’s design. God often reinforces our faith after we trust him, not before.”


“Love is a command, not just a feeling. Somehow, in the romantic world of music and theater we have made love to be what it is not. We have so mixed it with beauty and charm and sensuality and contact that we have robbed it of its higher call of cherishing and nurturing.”


“One of the most staggering truths of the Scriptures is to understand that we do not earn our way to heaven. …works have a place–but as a demonstration of having received God’s forgiveness, not as a badge of merit of having earned it.”


“It was not the volume of sin that sent Christ to the cross; it was the fact of sin.”


“There is no greater discovery than seeing God as the author of your destiny.”