A Few of My Favorite Christmas Albums

Christmas is just around the corner. Our family have celebrated Christmas and music has always been a big part of the holiday for us. I’m currently enjoying my next few weeks with my family.  So I thought I’d offer up my top five favorite Christmas albums:

1. Guy Penrod – Christmas


I’ve always been a fan of the Gaither Vocal Band. His long flowing silver mane, his signature goatee, his huge glittering buckle belt, his glistering black cowboy boots, and his deep Southern raised accent certainly makes one think that Guy Penrod is plucked right out of a scene in one of those cowboy western movies. Indeed, over the years, Penrod has used his Southern pedigree to the advantage of God’s kingdom. From 1994 up till 2009 Penrod has been singing the Lord’s praises with the famed Gaither Vocal Band. Together they have carved the mark of God’s love across the globe with their engaging Southern Gospel music. Here’s a preview of Guy’s latest Christmas album. You can also check some of his other works on Music Critic.

2. Cellofourte – Christmas


This is not your typical Christmas music. Tate Olsen, a touring cellist at “Skillet” aspired to blend high level classical music training with a modern performance aesthetic and sound. Tate recruited 3 other cellists and founded Cellofourte. I appreciated their innovative approach to music.  I stumbled across Cellofourte’s new Christmas album and fell in love with it. You can check out their album here or listen to their new songs here. If you want to see a video of Cellofourte performing Carol of the Bells, check out this clip.

3. Augusto and Vale – Christmas


Augusto and Value are a wonderful couple who are missionaries focused in church planting in Latin America. Obviously, they have a gift for music which they use to share God’s love and glory. They live to sing and share God’s Word globally. I really appreciated their generosity. Augusto and Value are giving away their Christmas album for free at their website.  If you’d like a get a feel of their music, check of rendition of “O Holy Night” below.