August, 2013 – Top 10 Posts & Site Stats

August was a solid month. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time investing in my study and research of my forthcoming book. For those who are curious about my book, I’ll be writing on the theme of intentional living. I define intentional living as “living every moment with Kingdom-impact, stewarding our God-given talents, passion, resources, and opportunities as a response to His calling in life.” It’s an alternative to how world views success today. Two books I’ve read (and recommend!) this month is Calling: Twenty Centuries of Christian wisdom on Vocation (edited by William Placher) and The Fabric of this World (by Lee Hardy). These two books have been profoundly informative in my historical understanding on the doctrine of calling.

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Top 10 Posts in August

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Site Statistics

I’ve started to learn how to stop fret over site statistics. For the last year, I’ve had a unhealthy obsession over growing my site statistics. Though it’s important to understand your readership and how to best engage them, I felt this obsession was distracting my overarching focus of my blog – that is to equip, empower, and transform my readers to the greatest capacity and potential. I’m glad I was able to learn this lesson and be content with what I have. Though I have a lot of areas I need to develop, I need to understand that I cannot but the cart in front of the horse.

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  • Visitors decreased 3.2%
  • Pageviews decreased 8.7%
  • Views per Visitor increased 5.5%