Career Development

Google’s Secret of Hiring the Best People

“Development can help great people be even better— but if I had a dollar to spend, I’d spend 70 cents getting the right person in the door.” —Paul Russell, Director, Leadership & Development, Google Have you ever struggled with “getting the right people on the bus, wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats?” If the answer is the affirmative, you are not alone. In fact, The Economist reported that finding the right people is singlehandedly the largest problem in business today. In Geoff Smart and Randy Street’s remarkable ...

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Top 30 Books Every Young Influencer Must Read

It's almost a platitude that reading is used as a tool to inspire influencers to grow. If you want to know which top books every young influencer/ leader should read, please read below. You can download here the survey results in the PDF format. Below is a culmination of of what Jason Young and Daniel Decker embarked on - the definitive list of recommended books every young influencer must read. Over 200 people completed the survey, each sharing their top 5 recommended books. That’s nearly 1000 books we combed through and put into a simple, easy to ...

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