Congratulations Graduate! 11 Reasons Why I Will Never Hire You

Here’s some tough love for soon-to-be or recent graduates about how to avoid those common gaffes that filter you out of the running for jobs. This is one of the most awesome slides I’ve came across on job hunting. The slides does a fine job illustrating why employers will never hire you. If you come across anyone you know who might benefit from this, feel free to pass this along! In summary, the 11 reasons why graduates will lose out on jobs are:


1. Your resume is longer than that of a 25-year professional.
2. You didn’t prepare for our interview.
3. You didn’t bring questions for me.
4. You wrote a thank you note and only used it to thank me.
5. You dressed for failure.
6. You don’t know what you want to do.
7. You don’t get social media (But you think you do).
8. You didn’t proofread.
9. You don’t have a LinkedIn Profile.
10. Do an internship (or two or three).
11. You lacked professional courtesy.