Five Reasons Why You Should Join My Book Launch Team

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For the last month, I’ve been busy getting ready for my book launch!

I’ll be frank and cut to the chase. I’m not trying to make lots of money with this book. In fact, it’s highly improbable that my book will make it on the best-seller list. I’m 27 and this is the first of the many books I plan to write over my life. But, here’s the number one reason I wrote this book.

To use this book as a serve and bless others. I know this sounds rather trite but the truth is truth. It’s my hope you’ll be inspired by this creative, interactive quote book and use it as a vehicle to unleash your voice.

What’s Your Book All About?

This is not your typical book. Most books have spend most of their days on a bookshelf. This book is an interactive quote book that draws on numerous world-changers who have made a dent in the universe. Interactive – meaning you have ample space in each page to write your own “inspiration” with your unique voice. Thus, book is appropriate entitled, “He Said, She Said, and You?”: Your Pit Stop for Inspiration.


For the first two weeks of my book launch starting May 19th to June 2nd I’ll be offering my book FREE. Anyone who downloads the book between the two weeks will also join my community of Salt&Light blog. After the first two weeks, anyone can purchase my book on

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Here’s key reasons why you should consider joining my book launch team:

  • A free electronic copy of my book in PDF.
  • I’m mailing 30+ wire-bounded copies of my paperback book to 30+ lucky people when you join my book launch team.
  • A special THANK YOU with link to your blog or website on my blog.
  • Connect with other influencers within this epic book launch team.

So, here’s the deal. My goal is to invite 100 of my readers to join me in creating a special book launch team. It’s a group of people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and help get the word out about the book.


Team Member Requirements

As a member of the Launch Team you:

  • Help spread the word about the book on social media to your existing platform and beyond, during the week of
    Monday, May 19 – Monday, June 2nd.
  • Share ideas and brainstorm additional ways we might further expose the message to an even greater audience. All ideas are welcome.
  • If you’re a blogger, ask me for a book launch interview, guest post etc.

That’s it!

How do I sign-up to be part of Paul’s Launch Team?

Send me an email at or message me on Facebook! I’ll send you more DETAILS.