Get Your FREE Quote Book: 25 Pit Stops of Inspiration

It’s been a week since I launched my first e-book “He Said, She Said, and YOU?” (Click HERE for FREE Download PDF) The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive.


Many people have asked me, “How did you come up with this idea of a quote book?”

Well, to be honest, I’ve been collecting stuff all my life.  Since my freshman year at college, I’ve started building my repository of quotes.  Strengths Finder 2.0 diagnosed this uncanny propensity as “Input” strength.

People who have a strong “Input” strength are like miners who searches for gold day after day. They continually collect new bits of knowledge. Like world travelers, those with the Input strength pick up a variety of souvenirs from reading, data, insights etc.

As my blog focuses around intentional living, leadership, personal growth, and Christian living, I wanted to offer a quote book that elicits inspiration in these four areas.

I’ve decided to choose 25 topics or pit stops that will be your wellspring of inspiration in your daily life, including “Attitude”, “Dream”, “Excellence”, “Failure”, “Humility”, “Intentional Living”, “Success”, “Serving” and many more.

Most importantly, this is not your normal quote book. It is beautifully designed by my friend and designer Sangkyu Park and includes a space where you can write your own thoughts, quotes, and ideas.

How to Use the Quote Book:

–          Start your day reviewing each topic and memorize one quote a day

–          Write your own quotes in each box for the 25 topics

–          Build your own quote book as well.

Here’s What People are Saying:

 “Beautifully designed and powerful in its message, this book is sure to EQUIP AND ENCOURAGE you as salt and light in our world.”

Joshua Lee Henry, Young adult pastor & missional leadership coach

 “What I like best is that Paul GETS YOU, ME, AND US INVOLVED in this process. If you like to write in the margins of your books and take notes that show your feelings on paper then you are going to Love this book. Get ready to be moved to action, and be left inspired to complete your own projects. You will hear more from Paul, he is just beginning.”

Lincoln Parks, entrepreneur, network marketer, blogger

“When you read and reflect on theses quotes I know they will POSITIVELY IMPACT YOUR LIFE. It truly is a “pit stop for inspiration.”

Dan Black, leadership expert and blogger


Dr. Roger Martin, Associate Professor, Warner Pacific College

“What distinguishes this book from the rest, is that it propels the reader, by design, to not only digest the contents of its pages, but REINVENT IT INTO ONE’S WORDS, shaped by the reader’s thoughts, experiences and aspirations.”

―  Leo Fuchigami, Agnostic


To DOWNLOAD the FREE Quote book, click HERE.

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The book launch will officially end on Sunday, June 9th 11:59pm. Thank you all for your support and encouragement.