John Maxwell on How to Live an Intentional Life

I’m live blogging from Catalyst Conference. Catalyst is a next-generation conference that  embolden leaders from all over the world. The theme of Catalyst for 2015 is “Awaken the Wonder.” Wonder invites potential. Wonder provides vision. Wonder inspires. Wonder leads us to God.

If I could spend one day with you, what would I tell you?

To you to live a significant life, you have to become intentional. Intentional living is the greatest way to make a difference and penetrate into people’s life.

Success is about us. Significance is about others.

My dad gave advice at age 22. I want to every day live intentionally value people, believe people, unconditionally love people.

Most people are not valued. Very few people have who believes in. Very few people love them unconditionally. Do these things intentionally every day.

Always put people first like Zig Ziglar says. He received book, “The Greatest Book Ever Told.” The pages are blank. It was about living your life, a life of significance.

Everyone has a story but we don’t write our story. We don’t read our life, we accept our life. Acts and deeds of significance.

Most people have good intentions. Few of them translate good intentions to good actions.

Teach them a rule of 5. If I have a tree in my backyard and I have an ax. When I swing the ax five times and take it down. The next day I go and ax the tree five times and take it down. If I do that consistently every day, what’s going to happen the tree? The tree will fall. The reason the tree falls. I go to the same tree and five times consistently swing at the tree.

If you have a dream, if you have a goal, if you really focus on that goal and if you have the right tools (in this case an ax). The rule of 5 says, you gotta focus on that tree.

Once you tasted significance, success will never satisfy. The only way to be significant consistently, you need to have an intentional life. Every day I have a rule of 5.

Every day:

1. I value people.

Are we going to correct people? Are we going to connect with people?

2. I think of ways to add value to people. 

Every day, who I am going to meet? who am I going to see? Every day I’m thinking how I can I value to people? Thinking on the front end, you prepare – thinking on the back end, you repair.

3. I look for ways to add value to people. 

I’m constantly finding ways to add value to people.

4. I do things I add value to people. 

I go to my check list. Who did I see? How did I add value to people? What can I

5. I encourage others to add value to people

At 68, I’m creating a movement of significance. My goal is to collect 1 million stories in two years.