Mission Connexion, Ravi Zacharias, and God’s Love

What happened to me yesterday at Mission Connexion was simply inexplicable, one that can be only described by divine blessing and amazing grace of God. Have you ever felt that when you have perpetrated your vulnerabilities time over time, your soul all wearied and burdened, God pours His unconditional love at the moment you least deserve and need it most? I felt through the entire session that God was telling me, “though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.” (Isaiah 1:18)

20130118_190351How encouraging and spiritually uplifting this was to have my spiritual hero Ravi Zacharias, whose teaching and leadership in the ministry of apologetics, transformed the faith of millions of people including myself by giving hope that you don’t have to  commit intellectual suicide as a Christian.  In fact, his presentation of the gospel has been so compelling many skeptics have been persuaded by his intellectual rigor and emotional richness in sharing the gospel. In essence, Christianity makes sense both in heart and head. (Click here to see a short clip of Ravi Zacharias sharing his view on the Bible)  

Preceding Ravi’s sermon, an inspiring story of William Borden is told.

001He was the heir of the Borden Inc. which was at one time the largest producer of dairy products. So, he was already a millionaire. As a graduating present, his parents send him on a trip around the world. So Borden, as a Christian traveled through Asia, Middle East, and Europe and found a burdened growing for lost people. Finally, he wrote home and said to his parents that I’m going to prepare for the mission field. After making that decision, William Borden wrote to words at the back of his Bible. They were, “no reserves.” Upon graduating from the Yale university, Borden turned down some high paying job offers and he was determined to fulfill the call that God has placed on his life and he wrote two more words after that on the back of his Bible: “no retreat.” He went on graduate from Princeton seminary and now was going to study Arabic in Egypt so he could reach the Muslim people. He contracted spinal meningitis and within a month 25 year old William Borden was dead. They found Borden’s Bible and there he found two more words: “no regrets.” Those three statements summed up his life: no reserves, no retreat, no regrets

I realized that no life is wasted when it is invested in bringing people to Jesus Christ. Despite his youth and shortage of experience, God used him in mighty ways. What made him great was what Ravi Zacharias described as this: “You need to draw the line of resistance by training your appetite.” His words resonated so strongly with me. It’s true that the culture that my generation is growing up is a very tough time where liberalism and secularism is defining the zeitgeist of our age.  Satan is making a concerted effort in derailing us from fulfilling our call through offering us temptations. As anyone has their own vulnerabilities, I myself have been struggling to overcome this weakness so that God may be most glorified in me. I realized how through discipline God can effectively use us as His instrument.  In addition, Ravi talked about going beyond knowledge and seeking wisdom. Our moral fiber desperately needs wisdom.


By the end of the sermon, Dr. Zacharias felt that the Holy Spirit was prompting him to ask those who felt God was touching their lives through this message to come to the front of the altar and bow in prayer…I felt an irresistible urge to march through the front and completely submit myself before my Lord. At that very moment, I felt a sense of God’s presence in my heart. His love and peace felt evermore powerful and alive.  Back at home, reflecting what transpired today, I am forever thankful that today was part of the grand design from God. You and I must remember that God does not look for ability but availability. When we are available, He generously supplies us with his ability.

Will you join me to become available to God and have him call you to the place for which our lives will become a living sacrifice?