“96.2% of individuals said they would repeat their coaching experience, given the same circumstances.”

Why You Should Hire Me

With my Fortune 50 company leadership background coupled with top 30 Great Place to Work®  consulting experience, I have coached numerous entrepreneurs, executives and business owners who desire to become leaders worth following. I have been steeped in student and executive leadership roles since my early 20’s. I became a serious student of leadership where my leadership blog was ranked as #15 of World’s Top Leadership Blogs to Follow. In addition, I was honored to be selected as Top 33 Under 33 Christian Millennials to Follow by Christianity Today.

I tailor my approach to coaching based on the client’s needs. Each session begins with a progress report on your goals and action steps. Then you’ll discuss next steps, generate options, troubleshoot obstacles, and develop a set of action steps you want to take before the next appointment. You are always in charge of what you want to work on.

Why Coaching Works

Coaching is all about growth. It is about helping you who are stuck in some areas in your life. You may have a vision for something but do not know how to move forward with it. Coaching works because it is reproducible. I do not simply catch the fish for you, but teach you the essential skills of fishing. Clients have told me how they have grown out of their comfort zone to reach new heights, catapulting them into new leadership horizons.

Coaching is a billion dollar industry in corporate America, and over half of the Fortune 500 have developed executive coaching programs. The reason? Coaching works. Studies have shown that R.O.I of coaching is over 700% to improve performance, increasing job satisfaction, and reduce turnover.

Here are two areas I can add value in your growth and development:

Leadership Coaching

How do you become a leader worth following?

I believe that leadership is not reserved for those people with a ‘C’ in their title. We need better leaders in our families, teams, organizations, and communities across the world.

I guide my clients through a series of conversations, utilizing our proprietary leadership framework. I help you uncover your blind spots, areas of self-preservation which currently minimize your influence. With our proven coaching process, I teach leaders how to effectively provide support and challenge for their people in order to create a culture of growth. I will help you develop a powerful combination of chemistry, character, competence, and credibility to maximize your influence in your circle of influences.

The focus in my coaching is transformation, not simply information. Each call generates a personal development plan which clarifies expressed goals in relation to your leadership of self, family, team, and organization. In a matter of weeks you’ll find yourself stretched to grow in areas that will catapult your leadership potential.

Call & Design Coaching

You are designed by the Creator with a unique calling. No one has ever been born with exactly your mix of strengths and weaknesses, and that means there’s a specific way you’re designed. Once you discover it, you’ll come alive as you fulfill it. Imagine waking up in the morning eager to start your day, simply because you know that your job is a vehicle that helps you fulfill your call. Although your call is bigger than your career, it does encompass your career. It’s applicable to multiple areas of your life.

Using a proprietary tool, we’ll take you through a set of exercises that is designed to help you discover your call and how you are designed to do fulfill your call.  It takes only 8-10 sessions.

Here’s what our 1 on 1 coaching entails:

  • A servant-leader coach who has completed extensive training and has a track record of solid results
  • An in-depth questionnaire designed to draw out your priorities and give clues to their fulfillment
  • An individualized coaching program
  • An initial one-hour coaching session facilitated via the phone, webcam service (Skype, Google Talk), or face-to-face
  • Two-to-Four coaching sessions 30, 45, or 60 minute in length per month
  • S.M.A.R.T. action plans designed to facilitate the attainment of your goals
  • Email Support
  • Spot-coaching calls (limited to less than 5-minutes)
  • A real partner who fights for you and what matters to you
  • Professional accountability

Next Steps

If you are interested in learning more about any of the services above, please reach out to me using the contact form on this site or email Whatever your leadership challenges, you won’t be alone. Just click button below. I’ll get back with you right away.