Are you a leader WORTH following?


Are you a leader people HAVE to follow?

As a leadership transformation consultant at GiANT Worldwide, I help people with three areas:

  • Become Leaders Worth Following
  • Build Leaders Worth Following
  • Lead Organizations Everyone Wants to Work for

I help you exponentially grow the capacity of your leadership and help them build an authentic apprenticeship culture to take leadership to the front lines of their organization with powerful tools.

At GiANT Worldwide, we use in-depth leader development experiences to fundamentally and systematically change the leadership culture of the world one company at a time. From corporate and team leader development to individual and personal growth, we apply foundational leadership principles to people and relationships to make them stronger, healthier, and more productive.

Here are some of my services that will catapult your leadership and team:

Leader Essentials

Leadership Workshops for Teams and Organizations

The Leader Essentials are designed to elevate and improve the leadership capabilities of your teams and employees. Focused on Connectivity, Self-Awareness, Communication, and Leadership, these workshops address the essential skills of any workforce. As such, Leader Essentials provide the building blocks of a unified culture, giving your people the language and skills they need to collaborate and communicate more effectively. Once you’ve got the essentials down, your organization can move forward with greater confidence (and collaboration) in the same direction.

Leader Intensive 

1:1 Personal Development Planning

This day-and-a-half “deep-dive” provides leaders & teams with the opportunity to truly stop, assess their current reality, understand their core motivations and drivers, and develop a clear vision of their preferred future for every area of their lives. The Leader Intensive takes time to mine out the issues from the past that have often been buried and forgotten; issues which have the capacity to dramatically impact a leader’s capacity to live into their preferred future. We also take time to evaluate the various character/skill challenges each leader will face based on their personality, core motivations, and core drivers. Each Leadership Intensive generates a Personal Development Plan (PDP) which clarifies expressed goals in relation to your leadership of self, family, team, and organization.  Every Intensive entails two follow up Skype calls to cement their learning. To learn more, click here.

CORE Groups

Teaching for Teams and Individuals

There are some organizations and leaders who want to grow in their leadership but are limited by certain resources like time, money or travel. We have designed our CORE Groups to accommodate these organizations and individuals by utilizing a regional setup. While this offering does not include all of the features and benefits of the Culture Builder or Executive Core programs, it remains focused on building leaders worth following. To learn more, click here.


  • Great for individuals who are looking to connect with other leaders in order to raise leadership capacity.
  • Great for organizations who want to consistently invest in the leadership level of their teams.
  • Monthly CORE Group meetings leader to consistent engagement, accountability, and growth.

Culture Builder 

For Organizational Leadership Culture Change

As our mission is to build leaders worth following in every organization, regardless of size or location, we offer a variety of Culture Builder programs to serve any organization, large or small. So whether you want an intensive, face-to-face culture builder group experience, or if location and size dictate the need for a virtual group arrangement, we can create a Culture Builder program to fit your individual pricing and delivery needs. To learn more, click here.

For example, our Basic Culture Builder program includes the following 4 components:

  1. GiANT Day on-site to kick things off and begin the apprenticeship process with CORE Groups
  2. Monthly, on-site core groups to apprentice team members and leaders through our tools and leadership challenges
  3. 1:1 Monthly Calls with your GiANT leader to process learning opportunities on a deeper level
  4. Workbook to supplement monthly training sessions and application strategies

Next Steps

If you are interested in learning more about any of the services above, please reach out to me using the contact form on this site or email Whatever your leadership challenges, you won’t be alone. Just click button below. I’ll get back with you right away.