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27 Charts of Communication Styles Around the World

Last week, I published a viral post on 24 Charts of Leadership Styles Around the World.  Today's content is a follow-up infographic on differences in global communication styles. Richard D. Lewis charted 27 different communication styles around the world in his book “When Cultures Collide.” This is a ground-breaking book when it comes to finding clues to understanding of intercultural communication. Take a look below and see if you have experienced any of these differences.

The Simple Tool that Improves Communication 40%

How aware are you of the way others perceive you – at work, at home, in your community? What if you could better understand yourself and others, in order to build more trusting and successful relationships? One tool that will help you communicate effectively with anyone, anytime, anyplace is called 5 Voices. All of us speak five voices; but some voices are more natural for us than others. The 5 Voices are: Pioneer Connector Guardian Creative Nurturer So when I listen to you or when you hear me speak now, you’re not hearing pure pioneer or pure connector. You’re hearing a complex mix, but some voices are more natural for ...