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Top Ten Quotes Every Leader Should Memorize

Since I was a freshman in college, I developed a rather unusual habit of collecting quotes, words spoken or written by leaders who were beyond themselves and left a dent in this universe. I believe quotes are an underutilized resource for leaders to be inspired to live their lives intentionally. These ten quotes have been profoundly influenced my leadership journey so far. I hope you'll find them useful!  [Tweet "“A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” —Williams Shedd "] [Tweet "“The most important thing in a communication is hearing what isn't said.” —Peter Drucker "] [Tweet "“When I miss ...

Five Reasons Why You Should Join My Book Launch Team

For the last month, I've been busy getting ready for my book launch! I’ll be frank and cut to the chase. I’m not trying to make lots of money with this book. In fact, it’s highly improbable that my book will make it on the best-seller list. I’m 27 and this is the first of the many books I plan to write over my life. But, here's the number one reason I wrote this book. To use this book as a serve and bless others. I know this sounds rather trite but the truth is truth. It's my hope you'll be inspired by this creative, interactive quote book and use it as a vehicle to unleash your voice. What's Your Book All About? This is ...

Get Your FREE Quote Book: 25 Pit Stops of Inspiration

It’s been a week since I launched my first e-book “He Said, She Said, and YOU?” (Click HERE for FREE Download PDF) The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive. Many people have asked me, “How did you come up with this idea of a quote book?” (more…)