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Simon Sinek on How to Find Fulfillment at Work

Gallup studies show that nearly 90% of workers feel disengaged and unfulfilled at work. Simon Sinek, author of "Start With Why", inspired us to create this video which include Simon commentating on how true fulfillment is found in simply wanting to help somebody else expecting NOTHING in return. We hope it gives new meaning to your Monday. “Do you know how we get fulfillment? Fulfillment | Electrik.co from Electrik on Vimeo. You can be happy because you did things at work, you can be proud because you did things at work, you can be excited because you had a big success at work, but you know how you feel fulfilled at work? (more&hell...

Win FREE Giveaway of Simon Sinek’s NEW Book “Leaders Eat Last”

A Free Book Giveaway? Today marks the release of Simon Sinek's new book "Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don't".  If you haven't heard of Simon Sinek, one word describes this man "Inspiration"  If you haven't read his previous book "Start With Why," you can read more about it HERE. (or watch his TED Talk which became the second most viewed talk of all) How Do You Win? All you have to do is to TWO things: (more…)

“Why” Always Trumps the “What” and “How”

I would urge you to start off this blog post by watching this 18-minute TED video from Simon Sinek. This is arguably the best TED video I've seen this year. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qp0HIF3SfI4] Why are some leaders more persuasive and inspiring than others? What inspiring qualities have cemented Apple, Martin Luther King Jr, and the Wright Brothers into their iconic status as leaders in spite of intense competition in this red ocean market? Simon Sinek offers a simple, effective principle: Start with Why. In fact, these leaders have utilized this principle whether knowingly or unwittingly. The more you dissect these great ...