We Asked 100 CEOs to Describe Themselves and Here’s What They Said

A lot of CEOs get a bad rep for earning hideous figures of salary. The average CEO earns more in an hour than the average employee earns in a month. Nonetheless, CEOs have the potential and power to shape the culture, society. Many CEOs are included in the reputable list Fortune’s The World’s Most Powerful People.

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I stumbled across an interesting study by Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) in which they surveyed 100 CEOs to describe themselves. Here’s a short video that captures 9 things CEOs say about themselves. The infographic below summarizes the key learnings.


Courtesy from CCL

Strengths / What CEOs consider as their assets:

1) I found it interesting that 16% of CEOs listed humor as their strongest asset.

2) 14% felt that honesty was theirs.

3) 13% viewed loyalty as their prime asset.

Weaknesses/ What CEOs considered as their liabilities:

1) 34% of CEOs viewed impatience as their weakness.

2) 10% felt they were poor listeners.

3) 10% felt they could be too judgmental

Which words they would use to describe themselves….More than 52% described themselves as being passionate, focused or driven.