You are Invited to My Book Launch!

D-2! The official release of my new e-book is Saturday, June 1st. The book is called “He said, She said, and YOU?” This is my first book I wrote and I’m truly humbled to share my passion for continuous learning and growth.

Paul's e-Book Teaser

“He said, She said, and YOU?” is an interactive quote book where you’ll find twenty-five inspirational ‘pit stops’ that will guide you to live a more purposeful and intentional life. For each topic, I have left some room for you to be inspired to write your own quotes and ideas.  

If you have already subscribed to my blog, you’ll get a personal email in the next day with a free e-book attached as a token of appreciation. If you haven’t subscribed to my blog yet, I’ll be sharing a new page this Saturday on my blog where you can simply download the e-book with simple instructions.

I’m privileged to have some of my friends review my book in advance and share the following words. Here’s a few:

Paul Sohn is one of the most Kingdom-minded, intentional leaders I know. He has a genuine heart for empowering people to bring Christ-centered transformation to every sector of society. In Paul’s new book, he provides twenty-five inspirational ‘pit stops’ that will lead you into a time of reflection as well as help you plan your own course of action. Beautifully designed and powerful in its message, this book is sure to EQUIP AND ENCOURAGE you as salt and light in our world.”

– Joshua Lee Henry, missional leadership coach and blogger

“This collection of quotes will make you think, reflect, inspire, and motivate you to do something positive with your life. This book is the Pit Stop for inspiration and wisdom to GUIDE YOU to live a more purposeful and intentional life.”

– Celina Lee, author, Live Your Dream

“Paul Sohn is not an ordinary leader; he is a gifted and inspirational thinker. When you open He said, She said, YOU?, you are going to be drawn in by how Paul’s creativity shines through. This is not your ordinary quote book that is just thrown together; much thought, care, and deliberate weaving went into this book. What I like best is that Paul GETSYOU, ME, AND US INVOLVED in this process. If you like to write in the margins of your books and take notes that show your feelings on paper then you are going to Love this book. Get ready to be moved to action, and be left inspired to complete your own projects. You will hear more from Paul, he is just beginning.

 – Lincoln Parks, entrepreneur, network marketer, blogger at

If you’re a reader of my blog, this is where you come in, and where I need your help in spreading the word. I cannot do this alone. I need incredible group of people willing to lead the charge in helping us become life-long learners driven by an intentional lifestyle. I need your help in sharing the good word.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Help spread the word about the book through your blog, to your existing network and beyond, starting on Saturday, June 1st and throughout the week of the book release.
  • Spread the word about the book through Twitter and Facebook with at least 3 mentions the week of the book release.  
  • Take a picture of the e-book printed and how you are using it. Post it on Facebook or Twitter. (don’t forget tag me!)
  • Share some of the updates I’m making on my Facebook page to your wall and Twitter.  
  • Any creative way you can think of that will spread the word!
  • Send and share the link (which will published on my blog on Saturday) to seven people in your network. 

Will you join me for my book launch?